Consumers are exposed to thousands of media messages each day. Our job at 360 Touch is to cut through the noise, to make sure your message gets seen or heard – no matter what your budget is.

360 Touch believes in a unique media buying philosophy that maximizes your advertising dollar, by reaching consumers the way they use media.

Consumers watch, listen or use media in a habitual way. A person watches the same news program each day. They have their favorite television shows. They listen to their favorite radio shows at the same time each day as they drive to and from work, lunch, and even to their child’s school and after hours activities. 

These viewing and listening habits make it so that you can target them vertically (numerous ads in one specific day) or horizontally (numerous ads in the same time period across a week). Depending on your budget we can add as many vertical or horizontal time periods to your media schedule across multiple stations and media types.